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Jimmy Henks Editing & Transcription Services (JHETS), which pioneered editing and transcription services in Ghana, offers professional copy and line editing, audio/video to text transcription, and language translation to authors, researchers, students, businesses, and individuals. It was founded by Jemima Opare-Henaku, a media and communications professional, researcher, writer, and language enthusiast. 


Due to her background, Jemima has always had a passion to help people communicate in the best possible way. So when in the course of her work she noticed a great vacuum in the areas of editing, transciption, and translation in Ghana, she knew she had to do something about it. This is when JHETS was born, commencing operations in 2015.  


Today, our services have gone beyond the borders of Ghana as JHETS has gradually become the preferred choice among authors and researchers in Africa and beyond.